Friday, August 26, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-08-25: Princes gather where Princesses abide

Below is the Gaia Portal message published yesterday.

Here is what I think the message is about:

- Masculine and feminine sides of humanity are combining beautifully and begin to achive the right balance.

- Balance is achieved with those of the Royal Light. [I don't think further interpretation of this sentence is needed.]

- People who have the most awareness of the planetary situation are focusing on their missions, until they are accomplished.

- Distal in the last sentence can mean "Terminal". I would say the whole sentence means that the plans for the final libeartion are ready.




Princes gather where Princesses abide.

Balance is achieved with those of the Royal Light.

Masters of perception embrace the present.

Distal settings are uploaded.


  1. Reading about the nature of beings that have populated planet Earth traveling through time and space, I've finally understood why it is that I can feel like a queen, responsible for her people. Not a fairy queen, but certainly with a huge wink to Mary Poppins' style. Ex-Nanny speaking ;)

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