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My comments on episode 7 of the Cosmic Disclosure Season 3: Inner Earth - The Library

Here are my comments on episode 6 of the Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 in which Corey Goode and David Wilcock talk about the library in the Inner Earth.

On the show, Corey Goode discussed about what the priestess told him regarding Zecharia Sitchin's translation of the ancient Sumerian texts on Annunaki. She confirms that the translation work done by Sitchin had been compromised and is not related to the truth at all This allegation actually confirms what Cobra mentioned in his interview with Rob Potter on 15th December 2015.

Here is Cobra's answer when being asked about Zecharia Sitchin's publication.

"Rob – Okay. Dr. Frank told me that some of those [Anunnaki] records were taken from older records and were manipulated. My understanding, (I don’t know if this would fit in), but some of them were beings that were here interacting with humans and did kind of put themselves in positions of power. You’ve obviously heard the story of Zecharia Sitchin where they claim to be our creators and they used us as slaves.

COBRA – Yes, of course, yes, of course, but my sources say that all these stories have been fabricated and there is a lot of misinformation"
Corey also mentioned the ability of the Inner Earth people to access to our internet closely.

"DW: Well now, if they can get books, that would also imply they can read anything that's on the internet.

CG: Yes. They-- they have complete access and follow the internet very closely."
This also matches what I read in "Ami: Civilizaciones Internas" before that the advance civilization in Inner Earth are monitoring the cultural development of the surface population, and this of course will include the development of the internet.

Also, in the first book of this "story for child", which is called "Ami: Child of the Stars" in English and which is originally called "Ami, el niño de las estrellas" in Spanish), there are a number of scenes that the extra-terrestrial Ami can actually watch ALL the live TV programs available on Earth at any time. Now let's look part of the conversion in the first book between Peter, who is another main character in this story, and Ami on this.

[Ami] pressed a button and the screen lit up. It was a small colour television with an amazingly sharp,clear picture. Ami changed channels rapidly.

What was surprising was that even though there weren’t many stations around where we were staying, masses of them now appeared on the screen: movies, live programs,news shows, commercials. The shows were in all different languages spoken by people from all over the world.

How could he get so many stations without subscribing to a cable company?

“The films about space invaders are really ridiculous,” said Ami, amused.

“How many channels can you get there?”

“All of them that are transmitting at this moment on your planet.”

“All of them!”

“All of them.”

“In the whole world!

“In the whole world, naturally. This instrument receives the signals picked up by our own… let’s say ‘satellites’, which are invisible to you people, of course."

In my opinion, the 3 books of Ami are excellent reading as an introduction to the world of spiritual and new age learning. It has a lot of messages similar to "The Conversation of God" but present them in a very interesting story. Therefore I would strongly recommend everyone to read them.

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