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[Prepare for Change] 2016-02-06: A Plea from Cobra Regarding Importance of Meditation

I totally agree the utmost importance for ALL of us to participate in the Weekly Event Meditation on Sunday.

Here, Therese Zumi has explained this with quotes from Cobra.

This is one the most effective things we can do as the general public to support the Light Forces and help to make The Event happening as much as possible, by giving support to their actions.

Also, as per the messages for Gaia Portal, we are all interconnected with each other. This means that everyone can influence the human consciousness and hence can decide whether we want a full disclosure and freeing ourselves or a partial disclosure and yet controlled by the same group of people.


Event meditation
A Plea from Cobra Regarding Importance of Meditation
The one thing that you and I can do at this time to reduce the tense situations wherever they might be on this planet is to meditate. If we want harmony around us then the utmost way to spread that harmony is by doing whatever we can to find that harmony within ourselves and then that will radiate outwards wherever we are and affect a growing calmness.
Besides the weekly Event Meditation Cobra suggests that we also continue with the meditations for Europe. These were Cobra’s final words from the interview** with Rob Potter from Jan 26th.
COBRA – Yes I have a few messages that I’d like to share but the first one is for people to continue with the weekly event meditations, the second one is for those who feel so guided to continue with meditations of Europe. They are still needed. It’s possible to find instructions for those meditations on the right side of my blog. I have a lot of intel that I will reveal when the time is right. I don’t know when this will be certainly when conditions are met, until people will have to be patient because there are many things I cannot say yet. I’m hoping that conditions will improve soon enough but I cannot guarantee when this will happen.
Original link to the first meditation for Europe information from September 2015
I wrote the following article here on Jan 12th and in that you will find direct links to the Event Meditation in many languages as also to the audio versions that have been created;
** New Cobra Q and A with Rob Potter – January 26, 2016
Both Interview and transcript available
Therese Zumi
6th February 2016 at 1415 PM CET

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