Saturday, February 27, 2016

[History in the making] Part 7: Gaia Portal

Since I have been posting a lot of things from Gaia Portal, it will be good to give everyone my view of this and why I keep posting things from them with interpretation.

Let's begin with where they come from, here are the intro from Gaia Portal:

"GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

This site is for transmission of messages only."

The author of all the messages is called "ÉirePort". Éire is Irish for "Ireland", and according to what Cobra said in his interview with Rob on 1st August 2014, Ireland was actually part of the old Atlantis.

I also find that Gaia Portal messages usually coincide with Cobra's (and even some of Corey's) updates. That's why I hold them in very high regard. I would say there are a very good indicator of how the Light Forces progress towards the liberation of this planet.

However the message are usually difficult for us to understand and appreciate (although not as much as RM's message...), and is open for interpretation. That's why I want to try my best and use my current knowledge to help others interpret the message. There are quite a few people doing it for a long time as well, like Kauilapele and Justin at Stillness in the Storm.

Of course, we as a general population may never know what this message mean...

Finally, I would just add that as for all the intel and materials we read on internet, we need to use our own discernment. Listen to our inner voice which will guide you to something you are interested in.

Rob Potter Q & A with Cobra - August 2014:

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