Friday, February 12, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-02-12: Highlights of Inner Illuminations appear for all

Below is the latest Gaia Portal message which just got publish in the last hour. It seems to imply that the Light from the Galactic Central Sun are shining on our of us now, on both our physical and non-physical bodies.

In British, the word "Blister" can mean "an annoying person".

However, I am not sure about the word "Protions". It could be a typo (?) for portion, or it could mean Proton which is "a subatomic particle with symbol p or p+".


Highlights of Inner Illuminations appear for all.

Letterings upon planetary parchments tell the tale.

Blisterings are deemed inappropriate for the moment.

Protions of Higher Vibrationals impress upon hu-manity.

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