Tuesday, February 02, 2016

[Kauilpele] David Wilcock (short) Comments on Ben Fulford’s 2-1-16 Article (aka, “Watch out for ‘Dropping’ DW articles”)

Reposting from KP's regarding David Wilcock's reply to the latest Ben's article.

David says a new article is “set to drop”. That is something we can look forward to. And the partial disclosure is something that I sensed (with all of the “added to X-Files” Lucifer, et al., ads, etc.) might be taking place. Still, I loved the first episode, no matter what kind of “disclosure” it is.
HUGE article of my own set to drop imminently. Got in fast this time!
Ben mentioned the new X-Files here. Though it has disclosure, it is only a partial disclosure narrative that fits in with what we have been hearing they would try to get away with: there are little or not ETs, except maybe for ancient ones, and all the activities we are seeing are the results of people in our own civilization.
This is a huge story. I am also surprised Ben didn’t mention that the CIA actually disclosed UFO documents and strongly hinted that it is real as of January 21st. I will be addressing all of this and it’s another book-length investigation that is not quite finished but close.
David Wilcock

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