Friday, December 25, 2015

Untwine's comment on big picture of the universe, darkness and creation

Below is a comment by untwine on Cobra's latest post, which is about the big picture of the universe, darkness and creation


The Universe is a result of interaction between the Source, which is eternal and perfect onto itself, and the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly is a logical opposite of the Source. Anomaly limits and restrains, while the Source is Absolute, it grants and provides all. The mix of the 2 creates the universe/space-time continuum. Without primary anomaly everything would be absorbed back into the Source. Primary anomaly isn't necessarily negative, in fact in the majority of the universe it isn't, it just manifests as minor painless limitations allowing more exploration and experience.

Darkness is a result of free will being disconnected by sinking too much in anomaly and therefore disconnecting from Source, which happened only after a specific accident caused by extreme conditions in an experiment, only in our galaxy and andromaeda galaxy. The rest of the universe has never experienced darkness and pain. Darkness and pain are accidents, non meaningful, non necessary. Ask yourself, being stuck in this prison system, are you growing much, are you exploring much ? If you had all you needed physically, mentally, emotionally, what would you do ? Would you explore this planet, galaxy and universe ? Would you explore loving relationships, positive emotions and thoughts, and the richness of life ?

The beings that became evil started manipulating anomaly on and on to create more darkness.
Plasma isn't necessarily negative, in fact the vast majority in the universe isn't. Plasma is just a state of matter like gas. Only some kind of plasma which has been distorted by dark forces is dangerous, and most of the darkness now exists in the plasma form.

Yaldabaoth, the plasma octopus entity, is the plasma vortex, the tunnels of set. It used to be an archangel, and he fell, and became this strange insanity. Since certain light forces operations this year it doesn't extend outside our solar system anymore.

Central Sun energy working together with Light forces transmutes all darkness in all of creation as we are at the biggest cosmic cycle turning point in the history of this universe and therefore all has to be cleaned up and reconnected with Light/the Source.

Victory :)

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