Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gaia Portal 2015-12-16 - Pathways of abundance are now inlaid to Gaia energetics

Below is the latest message from Gaia Portal which was published yesterday.

I have decided to re-post this message from Kauilapele as he offers an excellent explanation of the original message.


This GaiaPortal implies something about the “abundance” paradigm, when it says, “Pathways of abundance are now inlaid to Gaia energetics.” It also indicates that hu-manity (less-awake humans (?)) mental pathways are being cleared.
Now, somatics, as I have read it here, apparently refers to the 3D type body (Relating to the body. ♦ The cells of the body with the exception of the reproductive cells (gametes) are known as somatic cells). So perhaps bodily needs are being eliminated.
Pathways of abundance are now inlaid to Gaia energetics.
Mental pathways for hu-manity are cleared and prepared for higher discoveries.
Somatics are eliminated in due process.
Flairs of possibilities present to all.
Combinings are approved

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