Wednesday, December 23, 2015

[Kauilapele] David Wilcock FB Posting 12-20-15… “Skype Account Hacked” and “No, David does not need a loan”

Re-posting of KP's post regarding hacking of David Wilcock's skype account...
Yes, I noticed this earlier, and just pass along in case anyone was involved in this. And I’m pretty sure that the acronym he uses, “FU”, means “Fly United”.
Facebook Posting, 12-20-15
My Skype account was hacked! Every contact was told I needed money to help buy Itunes gift cards as Christmas presents, and / or was asked for a loan.
If anyone posing as me asks you for money or sensitive personal information in any way related to finances, it is NOT ME, and tell them FU.
So far it seems that this is ONLY a Skype attack. It also seems Benjamin Fulford was targeted by the same person at the same time. Whoever this is knows who I am.
One person did start the process of buying a card, didn’t complete it, but they are still trying to make a charge, so we are going through the process of reversing it.
My contact email and password was changed. The PW I was using was only good for that one account, so I should be fine with everything else. Unfortunately, Skype has given themselves 24 hours to respond in writing to this, and there is absolutely no way to call them or speed this up.
This appears to be a group of people, men and women, and they are making calls to people on my Skype contact list, texting them, et cetera. Big mess!
Oh well. We saw Star Wars today and I enjoyed it. No life-changing high but just an all-around good film.k Posting 12-20-15

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