Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gaia Portal 2015-12-24: Hebridical consignments are distributed for all

It seems like Gaia Portal wants to deliver another beautiful message on the Christmas Eve!

The word "Hebridical" is not in the normal dictionary. The closest word of it to me is "Hebrides" which is "a widespread and diverse archipelago off the west coast of mainland Scotland" according to Wikipedia (Link)

So the interpretation of the first sentence can be that a delivery (of light) from "Hebrides" are now sent to everyone.

Hence the energy fields of Gaia are now aligned and moved up to the next level.

Update: There is another excellent interpretation of the message from Kauilapele, which can be found here.


Hebridical consignments are distributed for all.

Gaia energetics are aligned and upgraded to next level.

Sterilizers for all remaining implants are active.

Naturalized themes are now employed with strong result.

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