Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015-12-09: Corey Goode's Old Home Tour & Description of Events While Living There

Here is a video taken by Corey Goode showing his old home and what happened during his time there.

Published on 9 Dec 2015
For use as a tool working with Graphics Artists/Animators & use in articles. After moving out I did a quick walk through and pointed out area's where incidents occurred that I have reported & shows the areas where shuttle craft "landed", Blue Orbs entered the bedroom as well as where Raw-Tear-Eir appeared in our livingroom. 

I hope this is a good tool to help people visualize more of what they have been reading in my reports. I was in the middle of uninstalling security cameras when I thought to make this quick video for people to view. This is also the location where I was living through when I was first interviewed twice as "GoodETxSG" as well as the months of speaking to David Wilcock where he vetted me heavily during well over 100 hours of savvy questions. Many who have followed the information closely will remember how many major events occurred while we lived here.

Real Estate Description: (Home was for sale since July 2015)
Full duplex for sale. Located in the wonderful ****** *****.. Each side of the duplex has approximately 1751 sq ft with three bedrooms and two full baths, courtyard with large backyard. Separate laundry room.

Recorded the end of Nov. 2015 & CG, "Cosmic Disclosure" on Gaia TV
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