Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gaia Portal 2015-12-19 - “Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life”

There has been a lots of activities in Gaira Portal recently and there is a new one yesterday. I will just re-post Kauilapele's article for this here which I think his explanation is excellent.


Holy crap, I like this one… Just came out.

Here is a link to a defintition of ionic. Although I originally perceived it as something to do with ions, now I see that perhaps it relates to the “Ionians”.

Ionia: An ancient region of western Asia Minor along the coast of the Aegean Sea. Greek settlers established colonies here before 1000 bc. The seaports of Ionia flourished from c. 8th century BC until the Turkish conquest of the 15th century AD.


Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life.
Guardians are alit with passion.
Masterfuls are recognized.
Masteries are accepted and utilized.

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