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[The Event Reference] 2017-08-13: Stopping the Runaway Train – End Pedophilia & Child Trafficking on August 21!

Below is an excellent article written by my friend and an excellent Lightworker Nova Biscotti for the upcoming mass meditation on 21st August during the Solar Eclipse.

In the article, Nova talked about a very disturbing aspect that everyone would need to overcome in the immediate period after The Event - Pedophilia & Child Trafficking.

I agreed with Nova that it is not to drive people away from the meditation and The Event, but to show people the seriousness of the problems around the world and why we need to do something to stop the Cabal ASAP.

Although you may not believe in ETs or Financial Reset, as a normal human beings you would definitely want to stop seeing people from being sexually exploited.

Therefore please join us in the meditation next Monday for 15 minutes to help changing the world.

More information about the meditaiton can be found here:

Stopping the Runaway Train – End Pedophilia & Child Trafficking on August 21!
I recently was listening to the 1992 album “Grave Dancer’s Union” by Soul Asylum when I was inspired to re-watch the video for the biggest hit from that release – “Runaway Train”:

For a bit of useful history and background regarding the impact of the song & video in various countries, the following link is pretty good:
If you have time, I recommend skimming the comments below the video on YouTube. Here are a few that stood out for me:
G2340mm“Can I kill all the pedophiles?”
kyle boudreau (response to G2304mm): “Can we start with the one in the government…then go to the ones in Hollywood….”
Matt Adams “I would give anything to go back to these days. I was 24 when the towers were hit, so I remember life before 9/11. This song makes me think of those days.
These are just three comments of many under that video. Considering they are all within the past three months, I’ll go out on a limb and say:
“Perhaps there are some rumblings of awakening occurring within the population of the U.S?”
Maybe it is time for the masses to finally learn the truth about how those at the top of the control structure on this planet are behind both the pedophilia problem as well as 9/11?
The following Q&A can be found in the transcript of Rob Potter’s Cobra interview published in May 2017:
Rob: Yeah, I was feeling that too. I wanted to talk a little bit if you could share what’s going on with your knowledge behind the scenes of the PizzaGate and the PedoGate and all of that type of stuff. It’s just so mind-boggling and brings so much concern and compassion to so many people to think of innocent children being used in this way.
Can you share . . . Are some of these major systems being brought down or is this still going on at the highest levels?
Cobra: Okay, this network is huge. It is much more widespread than most people realize. It involves, I would say, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, especially in the United States.
And I would say this will be the hardest aspect to face when the Event happens and when all of this is exposed. So whatever exposure we have right now, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
There is also a lot of disinformation about this, and I cannot confirm the PizzaGate by itself. There are other attempts of exposure of this which are much more reliable in my opinion.
But, again, this is far from all of it. There is much more which will be exposed and it will be quite shocking for most people.
Rob: At the time of the Event, will the lower level pedophiles be exposed and arrested, or will counselling be given? How will that work out?
Cobra: Okay, there are many aspects of this. There are certain people who are forced into this. And they will need a lot of healing, and they will be facing their own feelings of guilt regarding that situation. And there are people who went into this on their own free will, and they will need to go through a certain, I would say, truth and reconciliation committee that will decide their destiny.
Some of them will be removed from the planet. Some of them will go to the Central Sun. And some of them will attempt to balance their past actions with a positive one. They will try to counteract and heal the situation.
So there will be a lot of processing going on that will be quite difficult for many people. It will take some time.
And this is, I would say, the hardest aspect of exposure – I would not call it disclosure; I would call it exposure – that will happen at the time of the Event.
It will be something that needs to happen for humanity to heal, We cannot heal humanity completely before this is exposed and addressed and healed.
These are some heavy statements, and they point to unpleasant times ahead for the masses. Often the human psyche wants to delay dealing with difficult subjects… and will want to push this off as long as possible.
But the longer the exposure of this horror is suppressed due to the current Cabal control of the media, the longer it is that this behavior is allowed to continue deep in the shadows of daily life. It can only maintain its existence under a shroud of secrecy maintained via confusion & fear.
It must end. Even more disturbing is the knowledge that various beings – desperate to keep the control structures intact and functioning – will be participating in sick rituals to harness the energetic power of the eclipse to maintain their place in society.
This presents an energetic clash which will be peaking during the eclipse itself between those in the Cabal seeking to hold onto their global control via the confusion of ‘divide and conquer’ vs. those who working for healing and unification of humanity.
Those working for healing & unification are vastly more numerous – that group is “us” – we not only have the numerical advantage across the surface of the planet, but we also have substantial support off of the Earth’s surface.
This is a key opportunity to collectively assert our will and say “ENOUGH!” While there are many aspects of Disclosure/Exposure of suppressed information and crimes & humanity which will be coming to the surface, one major issue which seems to symbolize all of the sickness above any other is the exposure of pedophilia amongst the global elite.
More than any other issue, exposing the insidious pedophilia network within the Cabal control hierarchy can take down the whole control structure because it ties into so many other aspects. If you want to end warfare, secrecy for “national security” reasons, poverty, suppressed history and technology, religious confusion, environmental destruction & geoengineering, disease epidemics, drug addiction, mental illness, and pretty much any other aspect of daily suffering which occurs on this planet… you can point to pedophiles being deeply involved in the maintenance of any of those ongoing criminal conspiracies.
The cracks are showing, and the dam is about to burst. Hollywood rumblings of rampant pedophilia are increasing in 2017. Within political circles there are signs that large numbers of people are wanting to come forward as well.
Which brings us to another ‘blast from the past’ from the early 1990’s. There was a film made for the Discovery Channel which was supposed to air in May 1994 regarding the story of what is now called “The Franklin Cover-Up”. It was abruptly pulled from broadcast and virtually all copies were destroyed. A YouTube video reconstructing from VHS fragments can be found here:
Here is a link with more detail:
…and here is a video for the time-challenged individual which is supposed to summarize the issue in roughly 5 minutes:
Without getting into all of the sordid details, what is interesting to note is that “Boys Town” in Nebraska is only one hour from the August 21 “Path of Totality”.
A previous meditation during a February 2017 eclipse which focused upon the Congo Vortex in Sub-Saharan Africa was very successful despite being even further away. We can use the energies and intentions associated with this meditation to begin healing by bringing this entire episode to the surface, so it can finally be dealt with legally and morally.
This will bring closure to the victims and their families, justice for the perpetrators, and finally the public will be able to know the entire truth without being biased by the Cabal’s “spin doctors” within the media.
This is our chance to begin the healing process for the U.S. To repeat – raising awareness of the pedophilia issue ties in to every other aspect of the control system on this planet. Every one of you can counter the Cabal’s intentions and rituals by joining in the mass meditation for the total eclipse on August 21:
The second link above (to YouTube) contains at the time of this writing 18 videos for this mass meditation event. More will be created, and the sources for these main videos promoting this meditation will be shared across YouTube over the next 10 days.  Here is another URL which contains time-synchronized meditations for those who wish to use them:
I understand that the energies of the eclipse meditation are much more positive and optimistic than the subject of pedophilia… I am not asking people to focus solely on this matter. What I am seeking is motivation for those persons who are ‘awake but on the fence’ regarding participation in mass meditations… because I am CERTAIN that those people are not on the fence regarding pedophilia.
Many of those people are out there. If those people were joining on a regular basis for the weekly mass meditations… we would be regularly breaking the symbolic threshold of 144,000 participants every single week.
I want the sickness of pedophilia to end, and I know there are MANY people out there who want it to end, too. My sincere belief is that if we can get at least a quarter-of-a-million participants – in addition to a few million additional people who are conscious of the mass meditation efforts occurring – then it seems likely that we can finally bring about a peaceful revolution not just within the U.S., but globally.
This peaceful revolution can end pedophilia forever… seriously. Isn’t that alone worth your participation?
All it takes from every person is 15 minutes of concentration. If you don’t like the existing language, simply pray for peace, abundance, and healing for every human alive. No matter what belief system you follow… praying and meditating for a positive future for everyone should be universally acceptable.
There is no excuse… no reason not to take note of this time. If you live in the U.S., especially… simply set the alarm on your phone to go off at 11:08 AM Pacific Standard Time. Then take a break – cigarrette, bathroom, walk, stretch, drink – do anything you can to step away from your 3D reality for a few minutes and think of a better future for all humans. Visualize what is most important – what touches your heart – and hold that vision for 15 minutes. Collectively, we have the power to bring about that future – especially if we all concentrate on that for 15 minutes or longer.
To repeat, these links contain the most coherent instructions and accompanying text, video, & audio for the August 21 total eclipse:
Many people will be following the above links & associated videos in time at the eclipse, but if additional links or resources become available, they will be added to this post in subsequent updates.
A total solar eclipse captures the imagination and spirituality of large numbers of people like no other event – they are not only rare, but they are shared experiences with millions of other persons.
Because of this attention – there are intense occult energies occurring during such an event. Mass hypnotism could be a reasonable term describing the objectives of the Cabal during this event… note that the singer/writer of the song “Black Hole Sun” died in May 2017, allegedly of suicide.
On the flip side, the awakened masses – if they choose to work together – can not only counteract but overwhelmingly change the course of history should they jointly use the energies of this eclipse to focus on a brighter future for us all.

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