Friday, August 11, 2017

[Sphere Being Alliance] UPDATE SUMMARY - AUGUST 9, 2017

Below is a short update from Corey Goode on his own website. He has also posted this update in full on his Facebook page.

It is interesting to learn about the reports regarding US Special Forces and how the Western governments have been infiltrated even to the lowest level.

I have posted one-third of the full report here in compliance with Corey's request. The full report can be found in the links below:

Update Summary (Full update to come): I have recently had meetings with a highly placed contact. I met him in the FEMA Mass Casualties response course when I was still in the Texas State Guard. He stopped talking to me when I began Cosmic Disclosure. He suddenly contacted me again right after the elections had concluded. He shared a cluster of Intel with me before going dark again… Until now.

I had reported that there were teams of US Special Forces that were conducting “domestic surveillance and investigations” of a Satanic group that had infiltrated all aspects of government agencies and the military. These Special Forces teams have been in place since the middle of the election cycle.

He gave me this report about a week ago and contacted me again stating it was important to get some of it out to the public. I was informed that a secret report on how pervasive these infiltrations are is more shocking than what was expected. Strangely, this report also had notes from several secret grand juries that are active right now in D.C.

The report states that the conspiracy involves the majority of powerful people in within the UN, EU, US, State and local (City) power structures. These government organizations are completely complicit in what is going on all the way down to local Post Offices and Police Offices. I have to tell you, this was a very creepy report.

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