Tuesday, August 08, 2017

[Cobra] 2017-08-07: Joint Cobra / Corey Interview for the Unity Meditation

Below is a new post by Cobra about his interview with Corey Goode, of which the main topic is about the upcoming Unity Meditation on 21st August at the Total Solar Eclipse.

This post is published yesterday 7th August during the partial Lunar Eclipse, when many of us did the "Love Signal" meditation.


Personally, I think it was a great success. So let's keep the momentum and achieve an even bigger success in the solar eclipse meditation.

You might want to listen to this joint Cobra / Corey interview by Justin Deschamps and Prepare for Change:

A link to the transcript is posted here:


The Light forces have asked me to publish this interview right during the partial Lunar eclipse, which is happening now on a very powerful timeline node just 14 days prior to the total Solar eclipse, to strengthen the impact of the message for unity.

I have taken this photo of the Lunar eclipse less than 1 hour ago and you might feel its powerful energy:

Victory of the Light!

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