Saturday, August 05, 2017

[David Wilcock] 2017-08-04: Facebook Update

Below is a new quick update from David Wilcock on Facebook.

Hopefully we can learn more about his situation soon.

I am putting together an update to explain what has gone on in the last few months and why I didn't write any articles or release any new videos during that time.

In short, I needed to recover from 20 years of being in non-stop emergency mode... i.e. a workaholic -- and deal with a variety of things that were getting left behind.

As a result I have been through a very significant healing process and have gotten my inspiration back.

I would still prefer not to be a public figure at all, but I will get back on the horse ASAP with a new update!

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  1. David we all want what is in your best working youurself to exhaustion to help us all will not keep you going we love you and your passion to assist us in understandijg what is going on please care for yourself first respecting your needs and knowing we out here love you and want only the best for Thank you for everything you do sending love and light and protection