Monday, August 21, 2017

News regarding William Tompkins

Here is a very sad news of Bill Tompkins from Corey Goode.

Please send you love and light to him if you feel so guided...
We have received some very sad news that William Tompkins has had a brain bleed and is expected to pass away soon. He has an inoperable blood tumor, is not conscious and they are taking him off life support. We are asking EVERYONE to please put him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.



"William Tompkins lost consciousness and fell yesterday. He hit his head and got an inoperable brain bleed.
They took him off life support last night and he passed away at 2:30 AM.
I just found out the final results of this less than an hour ago and have been going through quite a grief process.
We are also still fighting to keep Pete's belongings, and the outcome is not yet decided. This too is very upsetting.
I will have more to say in a future update once I regain my composure."

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