Friday, June 30, 2017

[GaiaPortal] 2017-06-28: Felicitations of Angelic Guides are heard

Below is the new GaiaPortal message published on Wednesday, on the same day there was a spike in the amplitude of Schumann Resonance, which was possibly due to actions of the Light Forces.
Felicitations of Angelic Guides are heard.

Spanners of Nova Gaia constructors complete the process.

Speculators are dissolved.

Half-awakeds are absolved.

Gammas are resolved.
I would interpret the message as follows:

- Expression of joy by the Galactic Light Forces can be heard/seen, one of the possible ways are two new crop circles in England and Switzerland.

- 'Spanners of Nova Gaia constructors' in the second sentence may be referring to Lightworkers who are building the Cintamani grid around the planet. They are working tirelessly to complete the grid to perfection.

- People who have attacked key Lightworkers such as Cobra and Corey Goode are fading away.

- At the same time, people who supported the attacks unknowingly have been forgiven.

- In the context of this message, the word 'Gamma' in the last sentence may be referring to directed energy weapons, therefore the whole sentence can be interpreted as the uses of directed energy weapons against Lightworkers around the world have been reduced significantly.



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  1. I would agree with the statement on the reduction of scalar or EMP attacks
    much much less
    you may want to listen to this audio clip from Tanaath of the SilverLegion - she talks about magic, Saturn, Schumann...