Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[GaiaPortal] 2017-06-16: Missions of the past are released

Below is the new GaiaPortal message published last Friday
Missions of the past are released.

Praetoriats congeal and are removed.

Fossils are recognized.

Pleats of Light are straightened.

I would interpret the message as follows:

- Number of missions of the Light Forces are completed, and a new set of missions have been initiated.

- The word 'Praetoriats' in the second sentence seems to be referring to 'Praetorian', which has a meaning of 'a person holding praetorian rank' or 'a special force of skilled and celebrated troops serving as the personal guard of Roman Emperors'. Therefore I would say the whole sentence means that protections for top Archon/Black Nobility families are identified and being removed.

- The third sentence can be interpreted in various ways. I would say the fossils are referring to certain artefacts found in Antarctica.

- Proportion of Light on both physical and non-physical planes has increased.



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  1. Thank you, that's a wonderful report.It's a great last read before zzzzhhh... Today I fell in love with Dartmoor all over again! Been out from 7 am to 21 pm all day. The hottest day in the UK since 40 years, all on June 21st. When a small cloud covered the sun around 16 pm, the whole world changed suddenly. A miracle solar eclipse! Such a strange experience after 4 days of non-stop daytime sunlight. I'm now in overlight and glowing in the dark :)