Thursday, June 22, 2017

[GaiaPortal] 2017-06-22: Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet

Below is another GaiaPortal message published today, which is one day after the Summer Solstice.

Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet.

Storms of Light connect.

Devics multiply.

Gaia connections strengthen
I would interpret the message as follows:

- Both whistleblowers and lightworkers are working tirelessly to expose the truth about the Cabal and Deep State to clarify the planetary situation to confused general population.

- Lightworkers and lightwarriors from different areas began to make connection with each other to form a powerful network of light.

- The word 'Devic' in the third sentence means non-physical beings. I would say the whole sentence means that there are now a lot more angelic beings on the nn-physical planes to help human beings to go through this last stage of planetary liberation.

- Connection between the surface population and the Mother Earth has strengthened after the Summer Solstice.



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