Tuesday, June 13, 2017

[Corey Goode] 2017-06-12: Spy vs Whistleblower

Below is a new update from Corey Goode regarding the situation of the coordinated attacks against him and his "inner circle".

It looks like Corey is going to reveal who are behind these attacks.



Spy vs Whistleblower: We hope to return to normal and positive posting soon. Coordinated attacks like this have never been seen before in this field. We are working with others to expose one of the largest Cabal Agent Infiltrations and operations in Ufology to be exposed since the time of the "Mirage Men" incident. We will identify one potential operative (Of a few we are aware of) and show their ties to a small Forum group and its leader (Another potential operative) who is up to their eyeballs in this operation. We will also show clear and direct Cabal influence and ties. The information will be explosive and controversial but will be a disclosure this community deserves and needs. We are delivering it in an as ethical of a journalistic form as possible. So far the contact attempts of a few researchers to these parties have gone unanswered. We wanted to give them the opportunity that was not given to people on our team who were targeted. We will provide the evidence we have collected to allow each of you to pull at the threads and investigate on your own. Then You Decide! Why would such an operation be executed on Goode and those in his inner circle if there was no truth to the testimony? We hope, after some sunlight, that we can then begin to get some unity going and begin to focus our intent on Full Disclosure! If you were sucked into this PsyOp don't be discouraged. Investigate the data we present and use your own discernment. The PTB do not want unity and they do not want Tompkins, Wood, Salla and I to publish this book "A Case for a Secret Space Program" (Full announcement at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas/July). When I said "People accuse you of what they would do in the same situation", I had no idea how accurate this statement was. Stay tuned, much more to come! CG

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  1. they are just scarecrows in a field to me. But I am glad as many people don't know yet how to trust and hear their inner voice.