Monday, December 19, 2016

Q&A of Winter Solstice Meditation

Below is a Facebook post from Nova Biscotti regarding a Q&A of the Winter Solstice Meditation this coming Wednesday.

Please join us if you feel so guided. I believe that the more people participating in this meditation, the quicker we will be achieving the planetary liberation.

The following is a Q&A via the original post regarding the upcoming "Winter Solstice Meditation". I believe it fully explains the who, how, why, what, where, when of the purpose behind the meditation:

Q: Seems that we are “using” the winter solstice for our own means and ends, however noble and necessary they are (i.e. the liberation of the planet) However, the solstice is an event unto itself whose dynamics and importance in our planet’s and solar system’s own rhythm and cycle of becoming is missing here…. for the Winter Solstice is like the peak of a super slow-motion solar eclipse. At its darkest moment, a burst of light emerges, as if combusting from within. Energetically, the Yin half of Earth’s annual cycle – June 21 to Dec. 21 – is actually compressing the Dark Light until it implodes and reverses to expand for six months. Solstices reflect a universal Yin-Yang Qi cycle of dark light and white light transforming into each other. Qi can be perceived as sound, light, or vibration. Yin-Yang Qi appear to be opposites. In reality Yin-Yang are different sides of the same coin. They arise from a single Clear Light that pulses into a stable harmonic of polarity so that forms become tangible. This Source Qi, a.k.a. Yuan Qi (“Original Breath”), is like a Clear Light that shines most powerful. This original breath most likely has a connection to the Galactic Central Sun

Also, it has been stated by teachers that our Mother Earth has a say in it’s own liberation. We should recognize this as well as the dynamic mentioned about in our efforts to work with Her

A: If the Veil & Plasma Octopus did not exist, your statements would be absolutely correct. What this meditation represents is a calling by the surface population of Earth that we are sick and tired of these artificial means of control being imposed upon us.

If humanity was given the full knowledge and expertise necessary to make an informed decision about all of the mechanisms used to control and enslave us, I assure you the vast majority of intelligent critically-thinking adults would reject these mechanisms.

What is happening on Earth is violating natural and universal law to such a degree that many traditional ways of looking at the energetic implications of something as ‘normal’ as the changing of the seasons are no longer enough. We must resist for our independence, and educate others to so they can do the same and also educate others in kind.

There is no other way. Our species and the planet upon which we live must learn the truth about our history, what has been (and still is) being done to us, and to understand what we can do to improve our lives and the welfare of all species who also reside on this planet. Anything less is akin to acknowledging defeat and submission.

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