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[Gold Fish Report] 2016-11-29: Addendum to GoldFish Report No. 65 ‘The Pleiadian Interview’ with Cobra and A’drieiuous-Aldeberon/Pleiadian Photo

Here is an addendum to the GoldFish Report No. 65, which features the interview with Cobra and A'drieiuous.

Below is the photo of an Aldeboran and the explanation from Cobra of these chromatophores implants on her torso


In our recent GoldFish Report No 65 ‘The Pleiadian Interview’, there was discussion about a photo that was being shared of an Extraterrestrial of Aldeberon/Pleiadian Origin. The enclosed photo is the image that was shared and which the discussion was focused upon by both Cobra and A’drieiuous.

The chromatophore markings, as identified as such in the description in the inset of the photo, are claimed to be an advanced technology common to this species that serve many functions. But it is thought to serve a primary function as a type of environmental biosuit that serves as protection to the individual from harmful environmental pollutants. In addition, it is thought to aid in maintaining biological homeostasis of the being.

This is the excerpt of the discussion:

Louisa: Oh, very good. What about this race of which I will share a picture of. I had received some information about who was involved in helping Putin. I don’t know if this is true but I would like to know what your opinion is of this.

A’drieiuous: That’s is what you would call an Aldeboran, not a tall white.

Louisa: Ok, Cobra are you familiar with this race?

Cobra: Yes, they are connected with the Aldeberon Star System.

Louisa: Ok, and why are they here Cobra, do you know?

Cobra: Actually this is part of the Pleiadian race and they are here to help, to assist in the planetary liberation, that’s why they’re here.

Louisa: And, what about these chromatophores implants on her torso? Is this spell work of some kind?

Cobra: It is actually a very advanced technology which interacts with the environment. Its not artificial intelligence as people know it. It’s like a living glass organism with interacts with the environment and translates signals to the being which wears this and assists in working in that environment because for beings of that nature , planetary surface is a hostile environment and those beings needs to be careful how they move around here.

Louisa: ok would you say that this helps them maintain their higher dimensional frequencies would you say?

Cobra: Yes

Louisa: OK, And does this serve as some kind of bioprotection?

Cobra: Yes, also.

Louisa: From pathogens and things of that nature of this surface

Cobra: Yes, also.

Louisa: Are they working with the bases in Antarctica?

Cobra: Yes, there are many Pleiadian bases on Antarctica and there is much activity going on there. Some of this has been reported in alternative media and the Pleiadians are dealing with that situation quite extensively right now.

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