Friday, December 02, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-11-27: Silents are empowered as Cosmics arise

With some delays, here is the Gaia Portal message published last Sunday.

Here is my interpretation of the message:

- General public which have been keeping quiet until now are having more power as the waves from the Galactic Central Sun continue to come to our Solar System. This may be related to the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota.

- For the word "Florentines" in the second sentence, I think it may be related to Brotherhood of the Star because they were active mainly in the 16th Century according to Cobra.

"Based on an impulse from the Brotherhood of the Star, hidden Cathar lodges have triggered the Renaissance around 1450 in Florence and this has shaped our western civilization as we know it now."

Therefore, I would interpret the second as representatives from the Brotherhood of the Star have delivered the message, which possibly is about the imminent change in the planetary situation, to people who have been forced to stay within the Cabal factions.

- Delivery of these messages are met with a big delight and surprise for these people with great satisfication.

- In the last sentence, the word "Gehenna" comes from Hebrew which has a mean of hell. Therefore the whole sentence seems to be saying that more lights can be observed within certain section of the Cabal.



Silents are empowered as Cosmics arise.

Florentines deliver the message to the Higher Ones.

Ecstatic communications are tempered with Joy.

Flowers are observed in Gehenna.

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  1. Hell is becoming fertile! That's good news :)