Thursday, December 22, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-12-21: Butterfly Essence comes to the fore

Here is a new Gaia Portal message on Winter Solstic 2016. Same as last year a new message is published on this special day to herald a new energetic change on Earth. This time, the message seems to be focusing on the situation in Europe.

I would interpret the message as follow:

- A major transformation into an environment of loving nature is happening around the world.

- Period of quietness has ended, more actions and victory from the light can be seen in near future.

- Lots of mid level cabal members have been brought to justice.

- European courts are being used to send out message to the Cabal that they can no loner continue with their actions. This can be seen in the news such as European court ruled agaisnst UK surveillance law, and Spanish banks lose European case over mortgage floor clauses and are required to repay more than 4 billion euros to affected customers.

- The word "Mastrichts" in the last sentence seems to be referring to Maastricht Treaty which leads to the creation of Euro and pillar structure of the European Union. I think the last sentence means that despite all the attacks in Europe, the majority of the countries of the European Union have moved away from the Cabal and joined the Light forces.

P.S. Here is the link to the Gaia Portal message on Winter Solstice last year


Maastricht Treaty 
European court deals blow to controversial UK surveillance law

Spanish banks lose mortgage interest rate case

Butterfly Essence comes to the fore.

Static paradigms abandoned and released.

Surrogates are charged.

Flasks of compliance are stirred.

Mastrichts are moved to the Light.

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