Wednesday, October 05, 2016

[Prepare for Change] 2016-10-03: How Do We Stop Worrying?

Below the text-only version of a new article from Therese Zumi on Prepare for Change.

Hope every lightworkers on Earth can be freed of any worry very soon.

I’m daring to guess that at least 80% of the lightworker community have the experience of shorter or longer periods in their lives when they have lived under constant worry or anxiety of some kind. It’s part and parcel of life this far on this planet. The reasons that we have these tendencies are of course multiple and like everything else have their base in roles that we have taken on to cope with earlier situations in our lives. Learning to let go of a habit of always being prepared for danger of some kind whether real or perceived is no easy task.
After Compression Breakthrough – and no matter how amazingly fantastic our new situation will be then – it will no doubt take some time generally speaking for people to truly learn how to trust again. For those exposed right now to real situations of terror, abuse, torture, slavery and so on, their ability to once again feel like worthy, sovereign, loved human beings will crave the loving dedication of lightworkers who can take care of a group of scarred individuals and help them to heal and return to a state of trust again at their needed pace.
I’m informed that the average time for trust to be rebuilt to a comfortable level for Gaia and Her inhabitants will be somewhere between 6-9 months after The Event. The Event in itself will initiate a process of non-stop healing on this planet unlike anything that anyone anywhere has experienced before.
So in whatever way we can we should attempt to be ready for this transition period. I myself am working hard at learning to trust that I am safe and that all is very well in my life. We lightworkers are very often strange creatures. On one level we seem to have no fear. We dare a lot knowing that we have Source with us and protecting us. Yet on an everyday basis we can have the same tendencies to be anxious and or worried because of past experiences and programming. We are all too often also concerned about giving enough, doing enough, accomplishing enough to be considered worthy. And of course these tendencies are also part and parcel of our earlier experiences.
Now that we lightworkers are aware of / exposed to so much more truth about our real situation here on Gaia, we may feel that we no longer can be shocked by any new truths or revelations. However, it would seem that there is always more to be revealed. At this time as more covert cabal plans are revealed we also need to have perception and discernment to know/feel what the truth is in the details that are presented. We have recently seen evidence that some of the alternative news that we are exposed to turns out to be planted dis-info by some cabal agents. Feel secure in that the more that we learn about the truth of their plans the less chance they will have to succeed in creating their WW3. We have been promised by the Resistance Movement via Cobra that this will not be allowed to take place.
Finally I would like to give a word of advice to any ‘new’ lightworkers who may have just recently decided to take part in the weekly ascension meditation. If you have not already done so, then it’s high time to ask the Angelic Forces of Light / The Archangels for protection. I would not dream of doing this work that I do without the full support of the Co of Heaven. They are only too – only more than – willing to help and protect anyone who truly seeks that protection.
PS both of these beautiful photographs have been taken by the channel Marlene Swetlishoff. I’m guessing that Yeshua ~ Jesus Sananda and Saint Germain have been involved here.
Therese Zumi
3rd of October 2016 at 1622 AM CEST

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