Saturday, October 22, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-10-17: Tressels of passions are embraced in full

Below is the Gaia Portal message published on 17th October.

It seems to be describing the actions of light workers around the world to help with liberation of the planet.

I would interpret it as follow:

- Support of the planetary liberation from Lightworkers are being accepted in full by our star families.

- Lightworkers who share the same determination are teaming up to form Tri Sphere groups to amplify the effect of the meditation.

- Angelic beings provide protection for everyone who participate in the gathering and in group meditations.

- The core issues of the planetary situation are understood. Nothing is hidden any more.



Tressels of passions are embraced in full.

Harmonics are gathered.

Luminaries encircle the Light gatherings.

Essence is understood.

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