Tuesday, October 04, 2016

[Corey Goode] 2016-10-03: New update from Corey Goode on Facebook

Here is quite a big announcement from Corey Goode about potential increase in genuine UFO sighting from now on.

There will also be another major update from Corey soon.


Keep an eye out for triangular, oval or somewhat conventional looking UFO's. Word has come down that the brass in some of these Military/Intelligence SSP/UNSAP have been told that the disclosure of their programs is already in an operational phase...

I don't know the full details of how they plan to disclose these programs, but a couple of mass public sightings or similar events could get the ball rolling for sure. Let's hope this information is accurate as some disclosure is better than none. 

The Earth Alliance and Secret Earth Syndicates are still in negotiations but one thing they agree on is a protracted disclosure. Somehow they still believe they can roll out a disclosure agenda that lasts 50 to 100 years. I don't know how that would be possible, but they are going to give it a try. 

It is my opinion and that of a few in the SSP Alliance that the next cluster of "Data Dump's" should occur sooner rather than later. We would prefer data with meat in the details rather than a data dump that has political objectives! 

My report is underway. It is growing in scope and length to a point to where I may need to release it in two parts. That will help me get some of the info out sooner. 


Corey Goode

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  1. Great to see some things in progress coming out in the open. Wikileaks publication of a 10 week period, of the history of presidential elections may prove to be effective shaking the American people out of their zombie state, beginning to raise their voices.

    I expect people are so hungry, reaching out for confirmation of finally being saved, being taken out of the ratrace or even, taken off the planet for a better life elsewhere, with our Father in Heaven, that any show of a holographic Second Coming of Christ is accepted for real and any angelic appearance will be taken as a single ticket to that long awaited Heaven.

    Any collective euphoria creating event with Hallelujah chanting and angelic appearances, possibly some impressive holographic crafts, with master Yoda swinging his lightsabre, might eagerly be taken for the real thing. We need to be vigilant and not believe these phenomena at first glance. And who knows, maybe there will be masses taken off planet in crafts, for a destination of their choice? Or as a safety precaution for their soul's purpose, without their mind taking part in it?
    God works in wondrous ways :)