Saturday, October 22, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-10-20 :Elders and millennials congregate

Here is another Gaia Portal message published on 20th October.

I would say that it is a more detailed description of the sitation by Cobra that "the Pleiadians are reawakening the non-physical humans and training them to become spiritual guides for incarnated humans again."

My interpretation of the message is that:

- Spiritual guides (from Pleiades) and the non-physical humans come together in the etheric and astral planes.

- Connections are made between them to create an understanding of each other.

- Before the contact is made, some non-phsyical humans have already achieved high level of spiritual knowledge.

- So they have passed the test to enter the next phase of reawakening.

- As a result, opportunity to learn about new spiritual knowledge is opened for them and for humanity as a whole in future.



Elders and millennials congregate.

Fathoms are spanned.

Higher Schools are achieved.

Entrance exams are passed.

The next university has opened.

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  1. Wonderful to hear of this, thank you!
    Today, Saturday Oct. 22nd I found the sky immensely blue and clear, here in the S.W. of the UK. There's a deepening of a sense of peace, easier to be at ease with what is, like with unexpected situations and behaviour of confused people, one very old and one very young. Both lost in their own world :)