Saturday, October 15, 2016


Below is a special request from Nova Biscotti for an extra meditation against Monsanto right after the Weekly Ascension Meditation tomorrow.


We would like to invite you to participate with us in a SPECIAL Weekly Ascension Meditation this Sunday 16th at 4:00 PM UTC.

(This is: 9:00 AM California, 12:00 PM New York, 6:00 PM Europe, 12:00 AM Taiwan, 1:00 AM Monday Japan)

This weekend Monsanto's Tribunal is taking place in Hague, Nederlands:

Which coincides on Sunday with World Food Day :

and a Full Moon Supermoon in Aries :…

Moreover, there are intense Goddess energies coming with this particular Full Moon:

For those who feel guided, we invite you - specifically for this Sunday - to make a complementary meditation focusing on the above events, AFTER THE WEEKLY ASCENSION MEDITATION :


1. If you are part of a Tri-Sphere meditation group, canalise the energies of your respective Element, throughout the whole meditation: 🔥 for the FIRE signs : enhance the electrifying- initiating- catalytic aspects of Uranus/Aries/Eris towards Lightful global actions; 💦 for the WATER signs: pacify the eventual collective side-effects of the energy-wave; 🌱 for the EARTH signs: maintain the collective stability; 💨 for the AIR signs : assure fluid communications between all realms, exempt from any interference

2. Use the Full Moon- Supermoon energies as a tool to amp up anything you want to do, and to make clear where your priorities must lay for the rest of the long term future, with letting go off old patterns and starting new ones. Use the resonance of these Aries/Uranus/Eris energies to prove you are a cosmic force to be reckoned with.

3. Visualise a Fair Trial towards Monsanto's representatives, and the Beings behind this Corporation held responsible for their crimes against Humanity. You can connect to the energies of the Sun in the sign of LIBRA, for JUSTICE to prevail. Visualise this Tribunal acting as a triggering factor for the upcoming massive arrests.

4. Visualise all Land used for agriculture purpuses being purified from GMO's and pesticides. Visualise the nanotechnology inside artificial food being deactivated. Visualise global starvation being eradicated and all Beings abundantly nourished with Healthy, Natural, high-vibrational Food.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you, I definitely will join today. I'm feeling connected to the Hague and this Monsanto trial, due to being Dutch and a longtime nutritionist, knowing much about the dictatorship of chemical medicine, never really offering a cure.

    I feel the energies of the present full moon very strongly, it wakes me up at night even, which is a rare sign, for usually I sleep on nights of a full moon.

    Thank you for the invitation, very welcome :)