Thursday, June 23, 2016

[The Event Reference] Ascension Conference detailed notes Part 5 (final)

Here is the links to the final part of the detailed notes for Ascension Conference in Switzerland in April:

Again, this notes is full of valuable information and one can really feel the positive energy during the conference.

I also agree with Cobra that it is very important to spread the truth to more people, either by creating new blogs or translate existing information into other languages.

"One of the most effective things you can do is to create your own blogs for spreading the truth to even more people. The internet is a very powerful tool of the light forces to spread information to many. This information must be shared over and over, may we share with others all we have worked through in this whole complex situation. My blog and those existing are not enough to reach 7 billion people. Up to now there are about 50 million people aware. Various areas of languages are not covered with true information, so there must be more blogs in mother languages (Translations are essential!!!). For example in India there are innumerable people without any idea what is really happening."

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