Saturday, June 18, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-06-17: Stargates impend as Light streams coalesce

Here is the Gaia Portal message published yesterday, which is the second message in the last two days.

Stargates impend as Light streams coalesce.

Perishables are released from Hue-man consciousness.

Standards of Inner behavior present to all Gaia personnel.

Flamboyants are noted, and removed.

Prescient compliance is appreciated.

It seems to be describing an improvement within certain sections of the Ligth Forces. Here is my interpretation:

- Opening of the stargates is imminent as different groups of Light Forces come together.

- Ideas that are not of the Light are released from the consciousness of the people from the Inner Earth.

- For the "Standards of Inner behaviour" in the third sentence, I think it refers to the Galactic Codex, which is presented to the people from the Inner Earth and those who is actively helping with the planetary liberation.

- Any variances or violation in compliance are noted, and not allowed anymore.

- Those who have been complying with the Codex in full are appreciated.


Galactic Codex

Petition for implementation of the Galactic Codex

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