Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[Gaia Portal] Interpretation of a number of Gaia Portal messages in the last 10 days

With some delays, here are a number of Gaia Portal messages released in the last 10 days and my interpretation of all of them.

To summarise, there has been a lot going on behind the scene since the beginning of May, as evidenced by the frequency of the Gaia Portal message since then. Hopefully we will have more good news soon.

Update: The interpretation has been translated into French and can be found in the link below

2016-06-04: Elements of timelines release from prior pathways

Elements of timelines release from prior pathways.

Timeline combinings are no more.

“True essence” is observed and experienced by the hu-being.

The trudging paradigm is relinquished.


Consciousness of the mass are awakening at an unprecedented rate.

All positive timelines are grouped into one.

General population can feel the increase in Galactic wave of love and positive change in the mass consciousness. 

The tiring and slow way of awakening has now passed.

2016-06-07: Coordinated streams of Light emanate from above and below

Coordinated streams of Light emanate from above and below.

Mortifications are cancelled.

Stearic callouses are removed.

Barterings are no more.


The first sentence is a very beautiful description of the process that is happening which will lead to Compression Breakthrough, i.e. The Event

Humiliating ways of treating human and other beings in the slave trade within the secret space programs have been stopped.

'Stearic' and 'callous' in the third sentence mean 'fat' and 'insensitive' respectively. I would say 'Stearic callouses' means those who have been organising the slave trade, and now they are removed.

The whole slave trade in the secret space programs is stopped by the Light Forces.

2016-06-09: Collapses of essentials are observed and surpassed

Collapses of essentials are observed and surpassed.

Fluencies are enabled as rhymes are validated.

Corollaries of Light come to play.

The Force of Love is experienced in full.


Progress has been made in clearing the Chimera group.

In the second sentence, rhymes is "a word agreeing with another in terminal sound: Find is a rhyme for mind and womankind." So I would interpret the second sentence as the frequency on the surface of Earth is now in sync with that on the other side of The Veil.

Natural consequence of the Light is manifesting on the surface of the planet.

The Force of Love is experienced in full. [I think this sentence is very clear that any extra interpretation would be excessive : )]

Meaning of "Rhyme": http://www.dictionary.com/browse/rhyme?s=t

2016-06-12: Far sights are utilized as levels are transcended

Far sights are utilized as levels are transcended.

Butters collect in the cartel.

Classifieds come into the open, and are cleared.

Starseeds open to the New Life.



Planning based on information of probable future is under way as progress has been made in the planetary liberation.

A lot of new information are being exchanged between positive groups.

And a lot of previously classified information are now available among these groups. This helps them to get a better understanding of the wider picture of this liberation mission.

Starseeds, which have not been awaken yet, are now beginning to aware of their missions on Earth.

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