Saturday, June 18, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-06-16: Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics

Here is the Gaia Portal message published on 16th June.
Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics.

Fortitudes of individuals create from the depths.

Flashes of montanas are viewed.

Altered states are abandoned.

Streams of fluency come to the fore.
I would interpret each sentence as follow:

- The first sentence seems to be describing the step change in energy from the Galactic Central Sun to Earth, which is facilitated by the spaceships of the Light forces, so that the energetic change on the surface of the planet is progressed in a controlled manner.

- Mental and emotional strengths of individuals (who are key to the planetary liberation) are strengthened due to their insights of the situation they are facing.

- The word "Montana" in the third sentence refers to a state of the western US, which consists of the Great Plains in the east and the Rocky Mountains in the west. However in this sentence I would say it is refering to the possible views of beautiful landscape after the environment of this planet is restored after The Event.

- Alternative ways of partial disclosure is not possible, as the full disclosure is the only way foward.

- Galactic wave of love is becoming more obvious to the general population.

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