Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[Cobra] 2016-06-28: June Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

Below is a new post from Cobra about the new interview by Prepare for Change.

Again, there were lots of good quality questions being asked. In particular, Cobra mentioned the most effective thing we can do to heal the Yaldabaoth as follow:

"Richard – Cobra, should we be sending love to the Yaldabaoth or simply visualizing it gone? Which is more effective? Are we trying to heal Yaldabaoth or kill it?

The most effective would be to visualize it transforming and being absorbed into the one. Exactly how this will be done you can leave it to the light forces."


Here is the June monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The audio version and the transcript are available here:

You can submit your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:

Victory of the Light!

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