Sunday, February 19, 2017

[Gaia Portal] 2017-02-14: Stereotypes are done

Below is the Gaia Portal message published on 14th February the Valentine's day.
Stereotypes are done.

Cantations reflect the inner Gaia.

Reflections of the Light are guaranteed.

Fleshes are removed.

Celebrations occur within the Hue-Being

I would interpret the message as follow:

- The defeat of the Cabal is imminent and there is no way for them to turn things around. All of their tricks are being exposed and the effect is diminishing quickly.

- The vibration of love from the inner earth is being reflected on the surface of the planet

- Evidences that the Light Forces are winning and making things happen can be seen in near future.

- Tentacles of the plasma Octopus are being dissolved quickly as confirmed by Cobra.

- The Galactic Light forces are happy with the progress towards the planetary liberation.




  1. Thank you so much for this message. I can feel this progress and it's as much personal as non personal. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to see the picture and after much confusion, weaning of old thought patterns, there's a new space showing up in between the tribulations of this detox that is part of the ascension process, as I perceive it. Lol, I perceive myself now as such a professor, teaching on an orange crate in the town square!