Saturday, February 04, 2017

[Gaia Portal] 2017-01-29: Streamliners command the planetary roadways

Below is a new Gaia Portal message published last Sunday morning at 11:11am.
Streamliners command the planetary roadways.

Keleg-miners create the paths.

Fires of celebration inspire the masses.

Heavens are opened to the common beings.
Here is my interpretation of the message:

- Fleets of the Galactic Light forces have taken control of the space travel between planet Earth and the solar system.

- It was created by people who searched for Cintamani stones around the planet and redistribution them to form a beautiful light mandala around the Earth.

- Lights created by the Cintamani light grid help to dissolve the veil and help people to awake to the reality.

- Lots of energy vortices are made available to the angelic beings to anchored around the planet.


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