Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two new Cobra interviews

There are two new Cobra interviews by Cary Kirastar and Prepare for Change respectively.

The one conducted by Cary talks about The Event and gives an overview of the planetary situation. Hence it is more suitable for people new to Cobra.


I don't do summary of interview normally, but I would like to point out a few things from Cary's one.

... the Resistance Movement is working especially with the Pleiadians, it is also working with Andromedans, it is working with Galactic Confederation and so-called Central Race that some people call the Sphere Beings.

 People who are struggling financially need to do a few things. First is to start clearing their belief systems. Their patterns of lack of abundance, their belief systems about money, and this will begin to give them power for themselves to create abundance in their lives. They can become an instrument of good, a force of good because the money they will manifest will assist them in their mission. It will assist them in becoming more effective in the process of planetary integration.

We would like to gather as many people as possible for this weekly meditation together for critical mass, in order to speed up the process of The Event. And if we would get closer to that number, we could really speed up the process quite much.

The one conducted by PFC clears a lot of misunderstanding of many things circling on internet for a while.


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