Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[Cobra] 2016-03-14: The Ascension Plan Video

Below is the video version of "The Ascension Plan" article from Cobra last Monday.



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  1. Thank you for allowing comments.

    Here, I find much of what is said, to be false and to a great degree very deceitful. For in this, their is only influence upon humanity, to deceive them into your agenda, which is Intervention against humanity, with the intention, of removing the sovereignty of this world , this planet from humanity for your own gratification. Again,stories of great welfare and health that is given here is a profound untruth. For as you are aware, this world and this planet is now in the grip of Great Waves of Change across the world and planet. These times are the greatest of challenge to humanity, so is your presence here in our world a great challenge. You and those who serve with you will find there is more to humanity than you have dreamed of. You come with the ability to use the Mental Environment against humanity. This is a truth and everything I put down here will be the truth. You have created a new genetic species of the human being, a hybrid that will be able to live in this world, which at this time, you cannot do, because of the diversity of biological instability, that is a great threat to your existence here. To over come this, you have diversified your genes with that of human genes, to be able to take control of this world and this planet from humanity. You have given other worlds the same preparation of deceit and Intervention, in this, you have taken the Sovereignty away from some of these worlds, but not all have succumbed to your guile and like wise, humanity will not succumb. You will lose so much, this is regretful but unavoidable. Your continuance is not the problem of humanity, but the continuance of humanity is a need greater than life itself. You work with deceit discernment and discretion. You use beings to see what advantage you can gain and to corrupt the Mental Environment, here, you are Dissonance to be put down to rest.