Friday, March 18, 2016

[Cobra] 2016-03-18: A New Interview and Coming Ascension Conferences

A nice short update from Cobra just now.

I am looking forward to the new main update next week while reading the interview at the moment.

It is nice to see Cobra doing interview with bloggers like us. I may also try to do one in future!

An important situation update will be released soon, hopefully next week.

Until then, you might want to read this new Cobra interview by Essayenya Mosteenya:
Also, a new Tachyon healing chamber has been installed in South Dakota recently and you can experience its amazing healing energies:
I am happy to announce the first Ascension Conference, which will be taking place near Glarus in the heart of Switzerland, close to one of the main Pleiadian energy vortexes. Lots of new intel will be released there, combined with amazing new energies that will assist in our inner transformation. You are more than welcome to join us on April 16th and 17th:

More Ascension conferences will follow when the time is right.  

Victory of the Light!

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