Thursday, March 10, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-03-08: Phasings of Illumined Align

Given the latest blog post from Cobra on Monday, I tend to think that this Gaia Portal message offers the recent situation from a different perspective

Force lines in the first sentence seems to relate to the plasma stranglet and toplet bombs. So it implies that they have been removed, at least to a large extent. Hence, Cobra could release part of the ascension plan which has been strictly confidential before

As more lights come through, even the unawakened people can sense something big is going to happen, which will lead to abundance.

Finally, the last sentence also correspond to the Solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment that Cobra mentioned in his latest post.
Force lines collapse for hu-manity.

Creation storms blanket the unawakened.

Masters of true abundance are recognized, and followed.

Phasings of illumined align.

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