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[Corey Goode] 2015-12-28: Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 1 Season 2, Episode 13 (Transcript)

Below is 1/3 of the transcript of Cosmic Disclosure, Season 2 episode 13, in which Corey Goode answered a lot of questions from viewers about Secret Space Program.

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: All right, welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, and we are discussing the Secret Space Program. And in this episode I have a printout of questions that you've submitted in the comment forums in the areas that we have at the bottom of each episode. We are reading them. We are interested in what you have to say, and we do want to try to keep this as a community discussion and not just as something that is relegated to whatever I can think of to ask him in any particular episode.
So this is kind of a grab bag. We're going to have a series of different things to discuss, and we'll see where it goes. So Corey, welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW:: OK, so the first question we have is from banjoman1437. When they say that our local star cluster is emerging into a higher vibrational place, do they mean that physically our star cluster is emerging into a part of the galaxy where there are inherent higher vibrations? Or do they mean that we are ascending from third and fourth densities to fifth and sixth, which would be more of a holographic approach to the sense of place and location?

CG: That was quite a loaded question. But what I have discussed is yes, from the center of the galaxy there are constantly a whole array of rays, different types of energies that are constantly ebbing and flowing from the center of the galaxy that are buffeting the Earth and the solar system.

DW:: The conventional science says the center of the galaxy is a black hole, but then you can't see it. They say, oh, it's hiding behind that giant star cluster in the middle.

CG: Right. But as we know, the galaxy is a giant torsion field. And it has pretty much an ecliptic plane with part of the field, like a north and south, different fields turning in different directions.

DW:: Counter-rotating.

CG: Counter-rotating.

DW:: Well now, I did document in "The Source Field" book that there are actually two types of stars in the galaxy, and that they do counter-rotate. There's one type that's going clockwise, and the other type's going counterclockwise. And science acknowledges that, but then they never explain why that's happening or what that is. So that validates what you're saying. It's not like this is something you can only hear about in the Space Program.

CG: Right. A lot of this information is out there on the internet. And we're rotating around, inside this giant torsion field, our solar system and local star cluster, as they mentioned. And we're entering in a different part of our galaxy, and we have been since at least the 1930s, that have clouds of high density, high energetic particles. And when we're getting deeper and deeper into these bands of giant nebula-type clouds of high energy particles and as our stars' field interacts with those energies, it's bringing those energies into the star through its torsion field energy field, and that energy feeds out through the planet's feedback through the cosmic web effect that we've discussed.

DW:: Right.

CG: So I hope that somewhat answers the question.

DW:: Now, you also said in the interview that you did with "In5D," Greg Prescott, that the people in the Space Program had gone out and sampled that cloud. So could you tell us that story because that has never been put on the show? And I was blown away when you said that.

CG: They for a long time had been flying interstellar vessels out to do telemetry on these clouds, the larger, more energetic ones that we're heading towards. And in doing so they learned a lot about the spectrums of them, the information about them, and they had some incidents of the craft people having bad things happening to the people. I'm not exactly sure what all happened to them.

DW:: So they flew into the cloud?

CG: I think the field of the cloud, them just being close enough to the cloud. They weren't shielded like we would be on Earth and in our solar system with the protective fields we have around us.

DW:: I do want to point out that NASA has openly acknowledged that we're moving into something they call "local fluff," which is cloudy. So they've acknowledged it, but they don't ever say that it's going to do anything.

CG: And we've been moving into small ribbons of it since at least the '30s.

DW:: Right. So people get into the energy fields, and then they have behavioral problems?

CG: Behavioral and psychotic problems.

DW:: Really?

CG: Right. And they were even testing these frequencies and energy fields that they were encountering, and these cloud ribbons that we're heading into on unsuspecting people on research vessels, and also certain stations that they had that they were doing testing. They would tell people they were doing one thing while secretly, unbeknownst to them, exposing them to the energy.

DW:: Very unethical stuff.

CG: Oh yeah.

DW:: You had said in the radio show that people would be zapped with this. They'd create a semblance of the energy, a simulacra of it, in the lab and zap people in the lab?

CG: Yeah.

DW:: And what happened to those people?

CG: It would mostly depend on the-- it varied on the polarity of the person, what kind of a person they were. If they were one of those soldier psychotic types, they would have a psychotic breakdown. If they had underlying mental illness problems, they would become pronounced.

DW:: To address the rest of banjoman's question here, why does everybody want to skip over fourth density and jump right to five? We're in third now. You don't get to hopscotch two at a time. Why do people say 5D all the time? What do you think is going on there?

CG: How do we know how it works, to be honest?

DW:: So did you hear terms like the fourth, fifth density in the Space Program?

CG: Yes.

DW:: You did?

CG: Yeah. We could be transitional right now. We could be third, fourth density right now. A lot of it depends on belief systems and that kind of a thing. When you start talking about what density we're going into, how it's going to happen-- when it comes down to it, we really don't know. We're just going to have to ride the ride and see what happens.

DW:: So the core of the question was, is this sort of a holographic thing that doesn't matter where you're positioned, or is it position dependent? And you're saying that based on everything that you heard, it is position dependent. We are moving into a physical location of fluffy energy clouds.

CG: That is what is occurring locally with us right now.

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