Friday, January 29, 2016

[Prepare for Change] 2016-01-29: ABUNDANCE MEDITATION

A meditation proposed by Prepare for Change for abundance.

A facebook group has been created for this:


TZ here; Prepare for Change has sent the following message to subscribers about a meditation of importance tomorrow Friday the 29th January. I am reposting this here so that as many as possible can take part. The readier that we are to receive abundance the quicker it can come to us. Here is the invite to the meditation with details. When I convert to my time that is 1822 PM CET (Central European Time) and I have added a time converter site here in case you need to check yours;
Hello – – – –
Humanity has suffered in many ways for far too long, it is time for us to be abundant and reclaim what Source intended for us.
We have received guidance to meditate this Friday January 29, 2016 to bring abundance back to all of humanity. If you feel so guided, please join us at 12:22pm Est/5pm UTC to help usher in abundance for all.
Start the meditation by calling Goddess Dou Mou and St. Germain and state the intention of returning abundance to all of humanity.
Visualize the Violet Flame and infuse the eye at the top of the pyramid (on the US dollar bills) with the violet flame. Imagine all of humanity being abundant in all ways once again.
To join the meditation please visit our Facebook
Much love and prosperity,
Prepare for Change

Therese Zumi
28/01/2016 at 1045 AM CET

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