Friday, January 29, 2016

[PFC Sisterhood of the Rose] Abundance Meditation: Visualizing the Violet Flame

Re-posting PFC Sisterhood of the Rose guidance on how to cleanse our bodies using the St. Germain's Violet Flame, which is part of the process for the upcoming Abundance Meditation

St. Germain has given us the powerful and healing Violet Flame that has the ability to heal and transmute even the darkest energy. In preparation for tomorrow's Abundance Meditation we wanted to share with you how to visualize Saint Germain's Violet Flame:

1. Call forth a flash of Violet Flame from your I AM presence
2. Visualize the Violet Flame rushing through your feet, in, around and through your physical body, through your mental, astral, etheric and plasmatic bodies. Surrounding you in a tube of light
3. Stand for a few minutes feeling the Violet Flame extend 3 feet in each direction
4. See Saint Germain's Spiral Blue Flame whirling with great intensity. Visualize all negative and dark energies disappear
5. Visualize all that is not pure and of the light pass through the crown chakra through the Violet Flame
6. If desired you may also invoke the Violet Flame as shown here:

Much love and light,

Prepare for Change

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