Sunday, March 26, 2017

[Gaia Portal] 2017-03-24: Forested arenas are cleared of invasives

Below is the latest Gaia Portal message published on Friday afternoon, which is not usual as normally a new message is published in the morning at times such as 10:10 or 11:11.
Forested arenas are cleared of invasives.

Care for hu-beings is paramount.

Hardenings are cracked.

Galactics approach.

Cosmic awareness expands.

I would interpret the message as follow, please be aware that other interpretation of this is also available such as this one from Richard X. Therefore please use your discernment seriously when reading our interpretations:

- Key portals around the world are being cleared of the influences of non-physical negative entities.

- Protection for key light workers is taken as the first priority by the Light Forces

- More cracks started to appear on the Veil

- Galactic Light Forces are getting closer to the surface on the planet

- Awareness of the extra-terrestrials in the general public are increasing.


1 comment:

  1. I expect dreams will increase in many young people and faces will be seen by the elderly. It's a prophecy in the Bible that fits in our present time very well, I believe. It's written in Revelations I believe.

    Maybe "hardenings are cracked" is also meant as in "the hardening of the heart" in an old fashioned terminology. Maybe hearts of human beings are beginning to thaw. And the cracks in the veil could play a part in that as well. Win-win.