Friday, March 03, 2017

[Gaia Portal] 2017-03-01: Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings

Below is a new Gaia Portal message published on Wednesday, which is the first one since the hugely successful Etheric Liberation Meditation.
Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings.

Flashes of constructives illuminate the closed minds.

Freedoms of marches toward the Light are recognized.

Portions are increased.

Here is my interpretation of the message:

- Waves of positive plasma coming to the surface of the planet are raising the vibrations of the general population

- Structures of cintamani stones around the Earth are transmitting positive energies to their surroundings, having an impact on even the most programmed people.

- The Light Forces can now determine the remaining waiting time towards the Event with confidence as suggested by Cobra.

- Concentration of the Light have increased and will continue to raise until the final breakthrough.



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  1. Thank you! It's truly celebration time, combined with springtime here in the UK, it's great timing as well. Finally the time is over, to have to walk around and know better than most of those present around me. What a relief, to not be so alone anymore, I can cry and laugh at the same time!