Tuesday, November 08, 2016

[Prepare for Change] 2016-11-07: Activation of the Light Grid Meditation Monday, November 14 at 1:52 PM GMT (13:52 UTC)

It is time for us to take action to perform an important meditation to activate the light grid under the biggest moon in 68 years! This will be an important step to prepare for two very important meditations in December, and in preparation for the Event.

Please see below for the instructions on the Prepare for Change website.


Next Monday’s Supermoon is going to be the biggest in 68 years….and we won’t see another this big until 2034.

We have two very important meditations coming up in December…let’s prepare now to maximize our collective intent for the Final Liberation of Planet Earth.  We will take advantage of the extraordinary supermoon on November 14th to use our energies to activate the light grid in preparation for the Event.

We will hold our personal cintamanis close to our bodies during the meditation ♥

We will do this meditation with focused intent for 15 minutes.



1. Connect with your Tri-Sphere trio and group.

2. Visualize a beam of brilliant white light going from the Galactic Central Sun/Pleroma through our bodies into the center of Gaia, singing the mantra OM three times.

3. Connect to your soul star chakra, and the presence of the goddess Dou Mu.

4. Connect to the soul star chakra of every Lightworker on the planet – calling to the higher selves of the 144,000 members of the Order of the Star to activate and awaken to their respective missions.

5. See this collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth Light Grid, connecting to the Light Grid/ Angelic presence of all Cintamanis placed into Gaia, anchoring to the Heart of Gaia.

6. Visualize the unification of the Lightworkers with the Cintamani Light Grid and with the Heart of Gaia – all taking place in one Living Light Mandala.

7. Visualize this Light Grid anchoring peace, harmony and abundant love to Gaia through the pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere, and from there to the entire planet. Visualize a beam of light entering your crown chakra – passing through all your chakras and exiting through your feet to the Earth’s Center,  illuminating Earth’s core and anchoring a permanent light, permeating the whole planet and surrounding the Earth with a glowing aura.

8. Visualize this light dissolving all negative emotions and behaviors, bringing justice, truth, and loving interactions between all the people living in the troubled spots on Earth at this, Turkey, Syria, the USA, Congo, and all other parts of Gaia. Visualize the Goddess descending through this pillar of light and bringing peace.

9. Breathe together the Light from this Light Mandala into our Hearts and breathe the Light from our Hearts back into the Light Mandala. Do this for some minutes.

10. See the Living Light Mandala as a point of Light connecting to all the points of Light in the whole Galaxy. See the Light Mandala being included in the vast Galactic Network of Light.

11. We declare with all the power of our beloved free will intention: “The Cintamani Light Mandala is Now Active!”

12. See the one Living Light Mandala ascending back to Source.

Victory of the Light!

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  1. Beautiful music, thank you and glad to participate in the moonshine serenade :)