Thursday, November 24, 2016

[Nova Biscotti] Facebook post on discussion about Light Workers and Light Warriors

Here is a facebook post written by Nova Biscotti about Light Workers and Light Warriors. Although there may be different in focus, we are all ultimately working towards the same goal and therefore should be unite with each other.

I read a very lively debate in a certain FB group about pedophilia earlier today. While I can empathize with people on both sides, there are several important points which I would like to emphasize regarding the issue.

1) Pedophilia is a phenomenon which can only exist 'in the shadows of darkness'. Like a mold or fungus, one can only get rid of it by exposing it to light and by cleaning out whatever (or whomever) is causing it grow and fester. As unpleasant as this subject is, it strikes at the core of the Cabal control structure. While it is not an obvious analogy, the books/movies of "The Hunger Games" mention a key point which is chilling but reflective of the mindset of the Cabal:

"You are too weak and powerless to even protect your children from us."

2) The Veil Technologies were "Cranked to Eleven on a Ten-Point Scale" after the September 1 retaliation by the Chimera. One of the aspects of these more intense attacks is 'divide and conquer' - turning people against each other so that the masses cannot effectively unite against the Cabal elites.

What I saw in the lively debate was analogous to the massive hate and vitriol being spread by staunch Clinton & Trump supporters against the other group. By engaging in attacks against each other, we are only allowing ourselves to continue to be divided which ends up allowing the Cabal to maintain their grip on power.

Even though I support exposure of these issues online, the language used to do so via online forums needs to be gentle. If it is not, then conflicts explode into irrational hate-mongering. This results in the Chimera/Cabal laughing hysterically at us - that we are weak and easily divided.

3) I myself have issues sometimes being overwhelmed by negative information. My focus in 2016 has been less on reading online news sites and more on the actions I can take as an individual to hasten the EVENT. In short, I went deep inside and connected with my higher self to discover my mission, and I do my best to focus upon this even in the face of overwhelming interference.

All of us must do this to bring about the EVENT, because only one thing is powerful enough to dismantle the Veil & Plasma Octopus technologies: the Galactic Pulse/Heartbeat. The physics of this are more complex than simply a wave of energy moving at the speed of light. It is consciousness itself interacting with each of us as sentient beings. As each of us wakes up to our inner guidance and works on the mission we have during this incarnation on Earth, Source begins to understand that we are truly 'ready', this pulse will begin to race toward us energetically - faster than the speed of light - and it will cause the evolutionary transformation we so desperately seek.

4) I know the points above are very 'wordy', but I feel it is necessary to lay them out in a reasoned and emotionally balanced perspective.

Please understand where your fellow lightworkers & lightwarriors are coming from - emotionally, intellectually, and energetically. Read and listen - but also 'feel' what they are communicating. Despite the strength of the Veil tech, there are people who truly have a solid perspective regarding BOTH sides of the issue (whether to focus on what is wrong vs. what is right).

Lightwarriors tend to focus more on 'shedding light on that which is dark', while lightworkers wish to increase the light which is already present. Most of those people who wish to expose pedophilia are lightwarriors at their core, while those wishing to focus on the positive are lightworkers. Please understand, respect, and honor our individuals differences... because it is the diversity of our skill sets and missions which will truly make the EVENT possible. If we all had exactly the same skill set, then a massive operation like this would be completely impossible!

Nova Biscotti

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  1. Beautiful article, thank you Nova Biscotti. I tend to go in the same direction as you choose, by focussing on the present moment and be in the best position for positive creations and outcomes. I tend to see my attempts as uncovering of the light by lifting up dark layers and veils. So that I live with the knowingness that darkness and light are present both and not as if one of them is missing or valuable as if I need to enter a battle. I try to focus on my footing and focus of attention by holding a joyful state and enter each moment and meeting in trust, using a creative approach in freedom, that is fueled by loving kindness. Not as a fixed outcome but as an intention, so that I'm entering each moment with a sort of... blank state. Free.