Monday, November 14, 2016

[David Wilcock] Mini-update from David Wilcock on Facebook

Below is a new mini-update from David Wilcock on his Facebook page.

Although this is more like an update on his personal life, he did mention that " fight for Disclosure and the defeat of the Cabal is now at a "Red Hot" level", and "things are going to get a lot more interesting."

Also, David has replied to one of the comments that the massive earthquake in New Zealand happened immediately after John Kerry left Antarctica. However it is unclear whether this is related to the fight between the Alliance and the Cabal.

Life has been very intense these last few weeks. Clearing through lots of issues. I definitely needed to take some personal time and work through all the mass consciousness effects that have clustered around this election.

The next 2-3 days have me too busy to post any updates but hopefully some time after that I will finally address the Big Mess(TM) that we are working through now.

I will say that the fight for Disclosure and the defeat of the Cabal is now at a "Red Hot" level, based on multiple insider testimonies. The scope, power and speed of changes we might see are anyone's guess, but it definitely appears that things are going to get a lot more interesting.

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  1. All sources seem to agree that this period of flux is an entry to the unknown. Personally, I will be holding a vision of new reality for this planet and a shedding of the web of dark forces.