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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-09-07: Article 254 - Getting Involved

 Preface to ‘Getting Involved’


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved! 1


6th September 2020 

Therese Zumi Sumner


When Darkness is Allowed to Win


I would like to begin by telling a short true story to give an example of how fear can hinder our true expression. A dear friend of mine found herself in an unhappy position. She was visiting an ancient tourist attraction with a female relative and her co-habitor. They had just had some coffee in a garden cafe. While walking through the garden on the way back to the car, my friend noticed a small child about 5-6 years old who had climbed to the top of a very tall tree about 6-7 meters high. My friend wanted to return to the cafe area and ask people there if anyone was missing a five year old boy. However upon suggesting this she was immediately prevented from taking this action by her relatives’ male partner, who said decidedly “Don’t get involved”. Because she was a guest of the couple, she did not return to the cafe but felt very sad and concerned that she had gone against her own natural reaction of concern for the child.

This is a good example of how we can allow darkness to take control of a situation.

Speaking our truth ~ expressing who we truly are ~ being who we truly are is the way forward that we all must go. If we call ourselves light-workers, if we stand for truth, if we want to show the way and be examples of truth, then we need to work hard now at being our true selves through correct action in the world.

Can you always be your true self?

Can you stand up for who you are even when no one else around you is backing you up?

Darkness is prevalent everywhere. It has power in families. It has power in all of our workplaces. We all know what power it has in our societies.

So how do we take this power back from darkness?

We start with ourselves.

We start where we are now.

We start in our own lives.

We become Pillars of Truth.

We dare to speak up and say how we see things. 

Darkness grows stronger while we remain silent!

‘Speak the truth and shame the devil’ is something that I heard growing up in Catholic Ireland.

Ireland in the 50, s and 60, s wasn’t an easy place to tell the truth as you saw it, because gossiping was a big pastime in society then. Gossiping is still a big pastime. Darkness loves gossip. Somebody who is seen as a threat - somebody who stands up to authority and goes their own way - needs to be ostracized by spreading gossip. This still happens everywhere on the planet in workplaces, families and neighbourhoods.

It demands strength to stand up to gossip. It demands strength to go your own way. One would imagine that speaking the truth is easy for a lightworker. I mean a lightworker is someone who fights for the truth - someone who wants the truth to be spread - that must mean that lightworkers are great at always being in their truth?

Not so,

Generally speaking I believe that I can safely say that the average lightworker has had to battle their way through life one way or another. Many of us have been silenced in different ways and had to learn through many challenges and therapies of various kinds how to regain our voices and live our truth.

We have all had to pay the price for this in one way or another. 

It’s High Time to Perfect Living Our Truth

Being in our truth at all times does not in any way mean that we speak our truth unkindly. It does not in any way give us the right to create guilt in other people unnecessarily. Truth if used indiscriminately can hurt and delay a person’s development.

We need to be aware at all times that truth can be expressed in a way that is not confrontational. 

Some bad examples of truth speaking.

“You are a bully.” “You like to bully others.” “You don’t care about other people’s feelings.” “You have zero leadership abilities.” “You treat staff unequally.” 

Examples of how one might express these feelings.

"Why does it seem to me that some people are excluded?"  "Why is that person being excluded or being treated a certain way?"  "Have you considered that ‘Mary’ now feels excluded?"  "Some of the staff feel ‘less than’ because certain people are treated preferentially."

"The group cannot work as a team when people are treated differently."

Selling Ourselves Short and Allowing Darkness to Win 

We need to develop our antennae even more and not turn a blind eye when we can see darkness taking over in everyday situations around us. Here I am referring specially to allowing dark individuals free reign and not shedding light on this in some way.

When we see darkness and know that it exists in some situation ~ when we turn our backs on it because it creates a sense of fear or anxiety within us to speak up in some way ~ then we are allowing darkness to have its way.

I am particularly referring to the darkness close to us in our everyday environment. This is where the ‘foot soldiers’ of truth need to be taking back control over our societies. We all need to truly begin telling the truth and shaming the devil. 

When we Transit ~ when we experience Compression Breakthrough ~ when The Event has taken place, it will not mean in any way shape or form that our work is done. Due to the arrests of millions a lot of darkness will be removed but that does not mean that we are rid of darkness.

I am being told that for darkness to ‘give up’ we will need to bring it to light in every way possible through enlightened leadership. This enlightened leadership means you and me calling out darkness for what it is and thus stifling its existence. When we shed light upon darkness it cannot continue. 

If we sell ourselves short and turn our backs on the darkness it remains powerful and we lose our power.

Are you on board in the Light Brigade?

To be continued; 

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